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hahaha okay so i know i havent posted on here for a really really long time….. actually kinda lost interest in tumblr… it just wasnt my thing^^; but! Today Alyssa (kissme) asked me to post on here so im posting on here^^ haha thanks for the redbull Alyssa haha~ everyone please continue to support DoraDora and if i dont post more on here im always on twitter~! U_kisseli follow me if you havent already=) love you all!!

Tick Tack!

whats up everyone its been a while since I’ve been on tumblr^^; Our new Japanese song is out! its called Tick Tack! i know you’re are wondering why its called tick tack right? hehe its because Tick Tock is pronounced Tick Tack in Japan so we named our song Tick Tack^^ hope you all like it!^^


hey everyone! if you all can see this i dont know whats going on with my tumblr right now TT if anyone can help me please do… anyways ill try to get this fixed ASAP =[ sorry everyone for the inconvenience .=]

b2st-tina-deactivated20110926 asked:

Hi Eli! Honestly I'm not a KissMe. But I love U-Kiss's songs especially 0330.. I'm trying still to play the cover even though I never take any piano classes. I started to love k-pop since March 2011.. yah I'm a newbie i think! hehe.. I wonder what brings you to tumblr. My friend told me you created tumblr and I search your url by Twitter ( I followed you before you create this tumblr lol). Reply me and I'll try to get latest big poster of U-Kiss (I have the Mini one lol). I love you

haha sweet^^ glad to know that u love our song^^ hope you get more into kpop and learn more about it and ukiss(eli^_~)

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